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The Master Tailor Institute is a foundation dedicated to re-establishing quality tailoring to the Netherlands. The foundation achieves this with a three-year, full-time education program that trains students to become master tailors who can exercise their profession to the highest standards for theater groups, designers or independently. The foundation also offers daytime and evening courses for established tailors to improve their existing skills. The foundation is not-for-profit.

Well-known names from the fashion and theater worlds have been closely involved with the program from the get go, including De Nederlandse Opera, Het Nationale Ballet, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Stage Entertainment, Het Internationaal Danstheater and the fashion designers Mart Visser, Frans Molenaar, Jan Taminiau, Monique Collignon and Iris van Herpen.


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For more information please call us: +31(0)20 820 11 53.


Het unieke opleidingsatelier in Amsterdam opent zijn deuren de komende maanden en jij kan erbij zijn..

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Na London, New York en Hong Kong, lanceert Alvanon een passtudio bij de Meesteropleiding Coupeur.

De eerste Alvanon Passtudio van Nederland!

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